Where Quranites meet for friendship, business, community-creation or marriage.

Video about MeetQuranites in more detail.

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Note: if you experience issues during the signing-up process, please send details via the contact page. We are aiming to make things as smooth as possible. Please bear with us in the meantime.

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Genuine people

On MeetQuranites every person has completed a secure, online payment process. This helps ensure that people on the site are genuine.

What it costs and how it works

Annual subscription is only 25 USD.

MeetQuranites has just launched and until we hit 300 members we are giving each new member three months' subscription for 1 USD.

So if you sign up today you will be billed 1 USD – then 25 USD three months from now to cover the year ahead.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Non-members have no access to members' profiles.

No bank details are stored by this site.

We do not use membership levels or other gimmicks to induce you to pay more.

All members have the same rights and access.

What you can do

On MeetQuranites you can:

  • Create a personal profile
  • Hide or reveal some aspects of your profile
  • Create content which extends your profile:
    • Blog posts
    • Add photos to blog posts
  • Search for other members by specific criteria
  • Make connections and follow friends
  • Accept and reject friend requests
  • Send personal messages
  • Bookmark blog posts
  • Recommend blog posts

Real relationships

MeetQuranites focuses on facilitating real-world connections so we have strategically chosen to omit:

  • Blog posts comments
  • Forums outside of Groups (for rules on Groups see below)
  • Personal walls
  • Activity streams
  • Photo albums
  • Events management

Not a talking shop

This site does not favour a particular Qur'an-alone position. There are plenty of places online to discuss doctrine. That is not the focus of this site.

The focus here is meeting real people and doing real things.

You may create Groups for specific uses, but any Group – or Forum within it – must be clearly dedicated to:

  • Meeting (i.e. real-world meet-ups)
  • Action (i.e. achieving a clear short- or mid-term goal; abstract doctrinal or philosophical notions of action do not count)

The Admin of any Group which does not meet these criteria will be asked to repurpose or remove their Group within a short timeframe.

Failure to comply will result in the deletion of that Group by a Site Admin.

The only exception to the above is the Site User Group where suggestion changes / upgrades to the site are welcome. All members are invited to let us know their preferences on there.

Bear with us

This is a new venture in its first cycle of development.

As we grow, we will bring in the people we need to take the site to the next level.

You can suggest changes here.

Site rules and FAQs

To save time, we suggest you read the Site Rules. Members have access to the Member FAQ.

How to get started

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